We are passionate about providing our customers with Clean and Dry Fuels and Oils – no matter what environment you operate in. 

Contaminated diesel, FAME Bio diesel continues to be a headache throughout your suppliers and new generation diesel engines, especially with sophisticated electronic injection systems, rely on uncontaminated fuel to maintain performance. Contaminated diesel is one of the single biggest contributors to costly injector failure & downtime, which means lost production. 

Although modern diesel engines are fitted with on-board filters, for high pressure common rail (HPCR) fuel systems to function properly, the fuel which is dispensed into the machine itself needs to be clean and dry in order to give the onboard filters any real chance at all. By fuelling your fleet with cleaner diesel, you maintain serviceability and reduce costly repairs to injectors. 

Bpfilters - has a complete range of systems and products specifically tailored to ensuring clean diesel throughout your operation. All the way from receipt, into storage - to burn. Our design flexibility allows us to provide any operation with total peace of mind. From bulk fuel storage installations to on-board filtration, we've got you covered. Our systems are field proven in every industry, especially Road & Rail Transport, Mining, Marine, Agriculture, etc.



              Biodiesel Filter Stage